How does it work?

The TimeTraveller™ glasses enable you to be immersed in the environment. The HUD (Heads-up Display) gives you all the information you need to enjoy it - where and when you are; what languages are being spoken (along with a real-time translator), maps, and, of course, the Find–A–Date Search Engine. We take the information from historical records and use it to create 3D environments and avatars that are true replicas of the ones that existed in history.

Can I affect history?


How can I meet my great, great, great, great grandparent?

If you would like to recreate a person who is not in Google’s extensive database, TimeTraveller™ has a plug-in that, with a few basic inputs (birth date, ethnic heritage, location) from you, TimeTraveller™ can extrapolate the facts to create a reasonable facsimile of that person.

What if I meet my great, great, great, great, grandparent and we fall in love?

TimeTraveller™ cannot affect history. So, go ahead, have a good time.